Biarritz FIPA


Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels Vocation and objectives

Created in 1987 at the initiative of Michel Mitrani, the FIPA presents more than a hundred new television programmes each year, chosen from among the finest international productions. Independence and quality are the guiding principles of the FIPA, which set it apart from other television events. A major meeting point for professionals, a tribune for writers, directors and independent producers, the FIPA is also a forum for debate and the exchange of ideas.

The FIPA offers creative talent the possibility of seeing their programmes with the audience they were intended for: all films are screened in theatres open to the general public, in original language versions with French subtitles and with simultan-eous English translation.

Future professionals also take part in the FIPA: each year the festival invites many film and television students who follow the programs and attend screenings.

Hungarian films at the festival

2020 - Tales from the Prison Cell (in competition)
2011 - Eastern Wind: the Film
2010 - Hunky Blues (in competition)
2007 - Circle (in competition)
2007 - Wild Imagination - The Garden of the Magician (in competition)
2007 - A Fiery Autumn in the Cold War - Hungary in 1956
2006 - Rhythms (in competition)
2005 - Wild Imagination - Rousseau’s Dreams (in competition)
2003 - Taboo - Special Prize (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Our Cells (in competition)
2002 - Assorted Letters (in competition)
2000 - The Hanged (in competition)
1999 - City people
1998 - The Way (in competition)
1997 - The matter of the heart (in competition)
1996 - If we eat a beaver (in competition)
1994 - The Watchers (in competition)

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