Braunschweig International Film Festival


The International Braunschweig Film Festival, the film festival with the longest tradition in Lower Saxony, has been a constant feature of regional and supraregional cultural life here for 17 years now. Founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization, it has retained its original structure ever since.

European Competition - Der Heinrich Young, European, and of a high standard: these are the qualities rewarded by the Heinrich Prize, the audience prize which was first awarded in 1999.
European Competition - Der Leo The Braunschweig International Film Festival is the promoter of the Short Film Music Prize "The Leo".

Hungarian films at the festival

The History of Aviation
Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!)(in competition)
Before Dawn
Kontroll(in competition)
Mama - Leo Best Music Award (in competition)(winner)
Milky Way - ambient movie
Bibliothéque Pascal
The Private Life of Cathrine
The Camera Murderer
Afterlife(in competition)
Kills on Wheels
X - The Exploited - Volkswagen Main Prize (in competition)(winner)

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