Brussels BIFFF


Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films

Ever since its foundation in 1979, PeyMey wants to highlight a cinema of quality. Because cultural matters can not be separated from social ones, PeyMey wants to engage the larger public's interest for the social and cultural aspects of movies. PeyMey also tries to punch through the sometimes elitist character of the cultural world and promotes the distribution of this "cinema of quality". To achieve this, PeyMey uses "the power of the imagination". The association looks for innovation in the field of organization and diffusion of cultural events. PeyMey offers its experience, its services and its capacities to any cultural manifestation that underwrites its objectives.

More specific, with the annual organization of the BIFFF, first organized in 1983, PeyMey was looking for the creation of a popular film festival with a heart for true cinema and an eye for quality. It wants to give a quality mark to film genres (horror, thriller & science fiction films) which have too often been trivialised.


Hungarian films at the festival

2023 - Halfway Home - Silver Méliès (in competition) (winner)
2023 - The Grandson - Best Film of the Black Raven Competition (in competition) (winner)
2022 - Gentle - Fipresci Prize (in competition) (winner)
2021 - Post Mortem (in competition)
2019 - X - The Exploited
2017 - Strangled (in competition)
2017 - Loop (in competition)
2015 - Liza, the Fox-Fairy - 7th Orbit Award (in competition) (winner)
2015 - Liza, the Fox-Fairy - Pegasus Audience Award (in competition) (winner)
2014 - Heavenly Shift (in competition)
2014 - Aura (in competition)
2010 - 1 (in competition)
2006 - Doll No. 639 - Grand Prize (in competition) (winner)
2006 - The Porcelain Doll (in competition)
2005 - Kontroll (in competition)
2004 - A Bus Came... - Sketchfilm
1998 - Long Twilight

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