Brussels L’Age d’Or


Since its founding in 1958, as a tribute to Luis Buńuel's masterpiece, the Royal Belgian Film Archive awards the Age d'Or Prize to a film of which the authenticity, the peculiarity of purpose and of style mark a break with cinematographic uniformity.

During this same competition the Jury will also award two Cinédécouvertes (Film Discovery) Prizes.
These prizes, financed by the French Community of Belgium, are granted to two films un-issued in Belgium, which have not yet found a local distributor.

Hungarian films at the festival

1994 - Satantango - Age d'Or Prize (in competition) (winner)
1997 - The Witman Boys - Age d'Or Prize (in competition) (winner)
1998 - Passion - Prix Cinédécouvertes (in competition) (winner)
2000 - Werckmeister Harmonies - Prix Cinédécouvertes (in competition) (winner)
2004 - Dealer (in competition)
2004 - Kontroll (in competition)
2005 - Johanna - Age d'Or Prize (in competition) (winner)

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