Drama International Short Film Festival



The Festival aims to promote and propagate the production of short films and to develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation among filmmakers from all over the world.
Fiction, documentary and animation short films may participate, as long as their running time does not exceed 35 minutes and they were shot in 35mm or 16mm format.

Hungarian films at the festival

1996 - Angst (in competition)
1996 - Murder-they said (in competition)
1999 - Insurance - Best Cinematography: Gyula Pados (in competition) (winner)
1999 - Burial of Winter (in competition)
2000 - Closing Time (in competition)
2001 - Day After Day (in competition)
2002 - Postsoldier (in competition)
2003 - Little Apocrypha No.1 (in competition)
2004 - The Dike of Transience (in competition)
2004 - Gen(i)us Diabolis (in competition)
2005 - A Dog's Life (in competition)
2005 - Before Dawn (in competition)
2005 - Little Apocrypha No.2 (in competition)
2006 - Hey, S.O.S. (in competition)
2006 - Doll No. 639 (in competition)
2007 - Sooner or Later (in competition)
2008 - With a Little Patience - Prix UIP (in competition) (winner)
2009 - Tour (in competition)
2010 - Here I Am -

EFA Short Film Nominee Drama

(in competition) (winner)
2011 - Forest (in competition)
2012 - Finale (in competition)

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