Edinburgh International Film Festival


United Kingdom

Born alongside Edinburgh's International Festival in 1947, EIFF was one of the world's first international film festivals, and helped to define the type of event that has since become so pivotal to film culture in nations all over the world. EIFF has developed into a crucial business hub for the UK and international film industry, a key attraction for Edinburgh, and one of the world's best -loved audience festivals. With an emphasis upon new talent, discovery and innovation, EIFF's vibrant programme of films and events combines a commitment to audience edification and pleasure with a strong ongoing stake in the development the UK and Scottish film industries.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Awards acknowledge both national and international filmmaker talent and are recognised in the industry for rewarding and promoting excellence.

Standard Life Audience Award, The Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film, Skillset New Directors Award, PPG Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature Award, Best New International Feature Award, The Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award, UK Film Council Award for Best British Short Film, The McLaren Award for New British Animation in Partnership with BBC Film Network, Best International Short Film Award, Scottish Short Documentary Award supported by Baillie Gifford, Short Film Nominee Edinburgh for the European Film Awards

Hungarian films at the festival

2019 - Ruben Brandt, Collector
2017 - 1945
2016 - The Carer -

Best of the Fest selection

(in competition) (winner)
2015 - Liza, the Fox-Fairy
2011 - Phosphorus
2011 - The Turin Horse
2011 - Tender Son - The Frankenstein Project
2010 - The Days of Desire
2010 - Birthday
2009 - Tiny Joys
2008 - Off Hollywood
2007 - Children of Glory
2007 - Kythera
2007 - The Man from London
2005 - Fateless
2005 - Johanna
2004 - After the Day Before
2004 - Kontroll
2002 - Pleasant Days
2000 - Werckmeister Harmonies
1999 - Long Twilight
1998 - Passion
1995 - Everything is like it is

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