Freistadt "Der Neue Heimatfilm" Festival

"Der Neue Heimatfilm" is a very small festival in Freistadt, Austria. During five days at the end of August it shows about 25 films, both documentaries and feature films.
The festival is concerned with "Heimat" (home) as its main issue: loss of home, travelling, changing of the homeground, finding a new home, metaphorical and metaphysical homes.

Essentially, this event wants to be seen as counterpoint to the mainly urban cinema medium. Movies that can´t find bigger audiences in the everyday theatre buisness, because of their subject matter (rural live) and style. Originally there was an intention to free the term "Heimatfilm" from its cliché, what should have been achieved at least in our region. Every year 20 to 25 programs are offered (feature film, documentary film and short film). After an always returning emphasis on Swiss Cinema, the focal point has developed to Italian Cinema in the last years, with guests being in Freistadt, such as the famous directors Giuliano Montaldo, Florestano Vancini, Carlo Lizzani or the screenplay writer Niccola Badalucco.

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