Gdansk Doc

Documentary film festival with international competition founded in 2003.

Work is a special good and privilege of a human being. It should be the basis for dignified family life and stable social situation. Yet, so often in today's world work, and its lack, become the cause of human tragedies and social conflicts. Discrimination, violation of law and treatment of human beings at work as objects more and more often threaten the development of societies and indirectly undermine trust in democracy and moral order.

It is in Gdansk that working people started the fight for dignity and decent working conditions against the system that was destroying these values. This is how "Solidarnosc" came to being. It is important to continue the discussion on this subject here, with the participation of NSZZ "Solidarno", in an international group and on many levels - scientific, artistic, social and political. August 1980 needs not only to be remembered but also wisely continued. This is the origin of the Festival.

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