Grimstad Short Film Festival


The Short Film Festival shows the latest Norwegian short- and documentary films, and each year approx. 80 films are selected to take part in the festival's National competition. Each year the festival is arranged in june in Grimstad, a small seaside town in the southern part of Norway. Most of the films are premiered in Grimstad.

A fine selection of handpicked International short films and documentaries are presented in the International competition. European short films not exceeding 15 minutes duration in this programme are eligible for the Prix UIP Grimstad award, and are subsequently nominated for the European Film Awards. All International short films compete for the Grand Prix SF Norge.

This Short Film Festival functions as an important arena for young debuting filmmakers, and is probably the most important Norwegian screening arena for established independent filmmakers.

International filmmakers and other resource persons present documentaries, current films and experimental video, retrospective and unique historical film material for the benefit of all who posess a genuine interest for the art of film and filmmaking.

The Festival hosts four competitions for films: one for Norwegian films of all genres and formats that do not exceed 35 minutes in duration, one for longer Norwegian documentary films, the Prix UIP Grimstad - Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards and the Grand Prix SF Norge for Best International Short Film.

A pre-selection jury chosen by the Short Film Festival's committee members select films for participation in the competition. In special cases the committee can make exceptions to the rules stipulated above.

Hungarian films at the festival

2005 - Little Apocrypha No.2 (in competition)
2006 - Before Dawn (in competition)

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