Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival


Czech Republic

The central symbol of the Jihlava Festival is a funnel. In addition to its traditional uses, we can also listen or look through a funnel. No matter which end we put to our eye, we always see the same world differently! The funnel becomes a metaphor for perception and for bringing alive one's thinking which is how the organisers intend the festival to work. This attitude is reflected in the festival's central motto: "THINKING THROUGH FILM!" The festival's scope is in principle open while at the same time selectively focusing on the essential. It consistently follows Czech, Central European, and the world documentary scene. The festival's programming is not constrained by theme or technology. The only important thing is the quality of films selected from across time and space. The programme directors view the documentary film category as openly as possible: through selected works of cinema, they try to capture the diverse contemporary openness of thinking and the variety of creative approaches - from strictly traditional to maverick experiments.

Best Central European Documentary Film
Best Czech Documentary Film
Audience Award
Contribution to World Cinema

Hungarian films at the festival

2017 - Picturesque Epochs (in competition)
2013 - Regina (in competition)
2010 - Baby's Breakfast
2010 - Negative History of Hungarian Cinema (in competition)
2010 - Cave (in competition)
2009 - Spy in a One Horse Town (in competition)
2008 - I Am von Höfler(Variation on Werther) (in competition)
2007 - Slice of Their Lives - Sub-Carpathian Soap-Opera (in competition)
2006 - Moszny (in competition)
2006 - A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De Körös (in competition)
2005 - Snail Fortress - First Prize (in competition) (winner)
2005 - Spielers (in competition)
2005 - The Life of an Agent (in competition)
2004 - Junking (in competition)
2004 - Movie for Piano (in competition)
2004 - Golden Hut - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2003 - A Bibó Reader
2002 - Northlands (in competition)
1999 - The Danube exodus (The Jewish exodus, the German exodus)
1999 - Our Stork

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