Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


Czech Republic

Recognized by FIAPF - International Federation of Film Producers Associations as a "non-specialized festival with a feature film competition" - Category A.

The most significant annual film event in Central and Eastern Europe, founded in 1946.

Its concept takes advantage of the Czech Republic's geopolitical location at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe.
A venue where the lay and professional public can meet and enjoy high quality films made during the past year all around the world.
Famous for its young, enthusiastic audience which generates the festival's exceptional atmosphere
A relaxed environment where the film professionals are acquainted with new projects and promising new filmmakers.

The KVIFF's main prize is a Crystal Globe for Best Feature Film.

Hungarian films at the festival

The Colour of Happiness
The Seventh Circle (in competition)
The Gambler - Karlovy Vary City's Prize for Károly Makk Lifetime Achievement Award (winner)
The Man from London
The Dike of Transience (in competition)
The Investigator - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
The Outpost - International Film Club Association's Don Quijote Prize
(in competition) (winner)
The Unburied Man (in competition)
Rose's Songs -

Special Jury Mention

(in competition) (winner)
Angelos' Film
Face Down
A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De Körös
Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!) - Europa Cinemas Label (in competition) (winner)
Before Dawn
Happy New Life (in competition)
Chico -

Best Director Award,
Ecumenical Jury Prize

(in competition) (winner)
Kisses and Scratches
Dallas Among us (in competition)
Dolina (in competition)
Diary of an Unknown Man - A Portrait of József Nagy
Elektra Ltd, or Introduction into the Political Economy of Capitalism - Special Prize (in competition) (winner)
White Palms - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
Light Falls on Your face (in competition)
A Light-Sensitive Story
Fresh Air
Gangster Film
Children - Kosovo 2000 (in competition)
Murder-they said
Vaska Easoff - Best Director Award (in competition) (winner)
Long Twilight - International Film Club Association's Don Quijote Prize (in competition) (winner)
I Love Budapest
Jadviga's Pillow (in competition)
Chinese Defense
Lost World - Crystal Globe for Best Short Documentary (in competition) (winner)
Made in Hungaria
After the Day Before (in competition)
The Lord's Lantern in Budapest (in competition)
I am Not Your Friend (in competition)
The District
East From the West, or the Discreet Charm of the Media (in competition)
Our Cells (in competition)
Why Wasn't He There
We Never Die
Pleasant Days
The matter of the heart - Elismerő oklevél (in competition) (winner)
Tableau (in competition)
Dancing Figure
Ballroom Dancing (in competition)
Tom Tamás
Lost Times (in competition)
Children of Iron God
Closing Time
The Camera Murderer
The Turin Horse
Dear Betrayed Friends (in competition)
The Exam (in competition)
Just the Wind
The Door
Le Grand Cahier - Grand Prix - Crystal Globe (in competition) (winner)
Free Fall - Special Jury Prize (in competition) (winner)
For Some Inexplicable Reason
Zero (in competition)
The Wednesday Child - East of the West Award (in competition) (winner)
The Border
Kills on Wheels (in competition)
It's Not the Time of My Life - Grand Prix - Crystal Globe (in competition) (winner)
The Way (in competition)
Jupiter's Moon
It's Not the Time of My Life - Best Actor (in competition) (winner)
The Wednesday Child - FEDEORA Jury Award (in competition) (winner)
Free Fall - Best Director (in competition) (winner)
Free Fall - Europa Cinemas Label (in competition) (winner)
Le Grand Cahier - Europa Cinemas Label (in competition) (winner)
The Investigator - Don Quijote Prize (in competition) (winner)
Blossom Valley - Special Jury Prize (in competition) (winner)
Siege - Young Director Award (winner)
Wild Roots

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