Kiev MOLODIST International Film Festival


The appearance of the Molodist film festival was planned to happen in 1962, when the Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts in the name of Karpenko-Kariy first introduced the department of Cinema Art. The natural attraction of young masters to the audience, the necessity for emotional impulse from the audience, and the necessity in conversation through the screen - all that made this great beginning successful and eternal.

A festival that built on this sort of conception does not have any chance to become old. That is probably the reason of its name: "Molodist" means "youth" in Ukrainian. Only one short notice in the newspaper "Na Ekranah Ukrainy" from October 31, 1970, which announced the first festival, said: "...the first Republican Festival of Student Films "Molodist" took place in Kyiv during two days. 33 films were shown. The Jury with Mykola Maschenko as the Head determined the best student films, presented diplomas and prizes".

The annual festival competition consists of three categories:

- student films (less than 45')
- first professional short (fiction, animation, documentary) films (less than 45')
- first professional full-length fiction (60' or more)

The festival also presents a non-competition program that may include any of the following elements:

Panorama of Ukrainian Cinema
Retrospectives of film schools and prominent filmmakers
Eastern European Panorama
Festival of Festivals Different Love

Hungarian films at the festival

2021 - Natural Light
2020 - Those Who Remained (in competition)
2016 - The Noise of Licking - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2014 - Provincia (in competition)
2014 - Land of Storms (in competition)
2013 - Le Grand Cahier
2012 - Just the Wind
2011 - The Turin Horse
2010 - Bibliothéque Pascal
2009 - The Seventh Circle
2008 - The Investigator - Anger Zsolt - Yves Montand Prize for Best Acting (in competition) (winner)
2008 - Delta
2007 - Konyec (in competition)
2006 - Fresh Air
2005 - Fateless - Special Mention of the Jury,

Best Actor: Marcell Nagy (ex aequo),

Ecumenical Jury's Special Mention
(in competition) (winner)
2004 - Kontroll - Best Feature Film (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Temptations
2002 - Hukkle - Diploma of the Jury (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Chico
2002 - Smouldering Cigarette
2001 - Sticky Matters - Special Prize of the Jury,

Best Supporting Actor: Miklós Jancsó
(in competition) (winner)
2001 - Abandoned
2000 - Seaside, Dusk - Ecumenical Jury's Prize (in competition) (winner)
1999 - Close to Love
1999 - Closing Time (in competition)
1998 - Altamira (in competition)
1998 - Natasa
1997 - Long Twilight
1997 - The Witman Boys
1996 - Let's Love Each Other
1996 - Angst (in competition)
1995 - The Wonderous Voyage of Esti Kornél
1995 - Everything is like it is

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