Lagów International Film Festival


The Lubuskie Film Summer Festival takes place in Lagów, Poland in June. The Festival presents only feature films. Main prize of the competition is the Golden Grape Award.

Lubuskie Film Summer - Lagow was established in 1969 and, in the beginning, it was the only Polish Feature Film Festival in the country. Because of its form of seminars and open discussions, where everybody had the right to express their opinions in casual and uncontrolled atmosphere, the festival was not very welcomed by the communistic authorities. So the other Polish Feature Film Festival was created, with location in Gdansk, much more official and ostentatious. The Film Festival in Lagow was, in a way, in the shade of Gdansk (subsequent Gdynia) Festival, survived to a large extend thanks to initiative of the members of Film Culture Club in Zielona Gora and Polish Federation of Discussion Film Clubs and even more than before cultivating its distinctive, working and debatable character.

In answer to needs rising from the disintegration process, soon becoming the fall of the communism. Since 1990, the Lagow Festival has become the international festival that presents the pictures from the post-communist countries.

Hungarian films at the festival

The Eighth Day of the Week - Special Award for the outstanding acting performance (in competition)(winner)
The Prosecution - Golden Grapes Prize (in competition)(winner)
The Prosecution
The Woman
Bolshe Vita
Bolshe Vita - Golden Grapes Prize (in competition)(winner)
Shooting Gallery - Golden Grape Award (winner)
Chico - Golden Grape Award (in competition)(winner)
Dealer - Bronze Grape Award (winner)
Lost Leading Man
Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe - Diamond Grapes Prize (winner)
A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda
Child Murders - 2nd Prize (in competition)(winner)
Smouldering Cigarette
Long Twilight - Bronze Grape Award (in competition)(winner)
I Love Budapest
Jadviga's Pillow
Beyond the Bend - Bronze Grape Award (in competition)(winner)
Temptations(in competition)
Stolen Pictures
The Bird Saviour, Clouds and Wind(in competition)
Hungarian Fragment(in competition)
Forest - Special Prize of the Jury (in competition)(winner)
Fateless - Golden Grape Award (main prize) (in competition)(winner)
Children of Glory
Down by Love
Pinprick(in competition)
Vagabond(in competition)
A Kind of America
Colossal Sensation - Dodo and Naphthalene - Film Culture Club Award (in competition)(winner)
The Witman Boys
The Seventh Circle
Intimate Headshot
Prank(in competition)
Another Planet(in competition)
Lost Times
Cave(in competition)
East Side Stories
Eastern Wind: the Film
Nine Cuts(in competition)
Question in Details(in competition)
Glass Tiger 3
Vespa(in competition)
The Legend of the Fresco Village(in competition)
Children of the Green Dragon
Sheep Clouds
Kolorádó Kid
The Exam
The Last Rhapsody
The Spymaster
The Lost European
Black Soup
Free Entry
In the Language of Cowbells
No Man's Island
Mom and Other Loonies in the Family(in competition)
His Parents' Eyes(in competition)
Home Guards
Seventies -

Silver Grape Award

(in competition)(winner)
Titita(in competition)
Strangled(in competition)
On Body and Soul - Silver Grape (in competition)(winner)
It's Not the Time of My Life(in competition)
SOUL EXODUS: THE KLEZMER STORY - Special Mention (in competition)(winner)
Kills on Wheels - Special Prize (in competition)(winner)
Aurora Borealis - Juliusz Burski Prize (in competition)(winner)
Invisibly - Best Short Golden Grape Award (in competition)(winner)
Satan's Bastard
Genesis - Golden Grape Award for Best Feature Film (winner)
Ghetto Balboa
Not Yet
Take Me Please
Trezor (TV movie)
The Troupe
The Prison Chaplan - Silver Grape for Best Documentary (in competition)(winner)
Ready Or Not - Bronze Grape Award (in competition)(winner)
Tall Tales
As Up to Now(in competition)
Those Who Remained(in competition)
Captives(in competition)
Liquid Gold(in competition)
Good Morning(in competition)
Two Lines(in competition)
Valan(in competition)

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