Lecce European Cinema Festival



The European Cinema Festival of Lecce is organized by the cultural association Art Promotion.
The Municipality of Lecce, the Italian Ministry of Culture, Apulia Regional Administration, the Province of Lecce and the University of Lecce support the event.
Founded in 1999.

All movies in the competitive section will be sifted out by an International Jury that will award the Best Film with the Golden Olive Tree.

Hungarian films at the festival

2019 - Genesis - Dobos Tamás - Best Cinematography (in competition) (winner)
2019 - Genesis - Cineuropa Award (in competition) (winner)
2019 - Genesis - Agiscuola Student Jury Award (in competition) (winner)
2018 - On Body and Soul
2018 - On Body and Soul - Golden Olive Tree Award for Career Achievement (in competition) (winner)
2017 - The Carer
2016 - Lily Lane -

Golden Olive Tree (main prize)

(in competition) (winner)
2009 - Tranquility - Babos Tamás - Best Cinematography (in competition) (winner)
2007 - Before Dawn
2007 - Happy New Life (in competition)
2005 - Guarded Secrets - Best Actress: Eszter Bagaméri (in competition) (winner)
2004 - Dealer -

Special Prize for Direction, Best Cinematographer: Péter Szatmári

(in competition) (winner)
2003 - Vagabond (in competition)
2001 - Passport - Golden Olive (main prize) (in competition) (winner)
2000 - Simon the Magician - Golden Olive Tree (main prize) (in competition) (winner)

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