Manchester Kinofilm

United Kingdom

International Short Film Festival - Kino evolved from the Kino cult film club set up in 1993 as a touring cult film festival taking place over 6 months of the year. Over the first three years Kino showed cult and classic films at over 30 non-traditional cinematic venues such as: galleriaes, clubs, bars, function rooms, community centres, church halls, out door screenings and even in the rusting hold of an ex-Norwegian fishing trawler - to become known as the world famous touring theatre ship from Salford, "Walk the Plank".

In October 1995, Kinofilm the Manchester International Short Film Festival was born following a series of successful one-of events showcasing new short films. The festival has grown from strength to strength ever since and now has a high reputation, regionally, nationally and on the international festival circuit.

Hungarian films at the festival

2010 - The History of Aviation (in competition)
2010 - Alena's Journey (in competition)
2010 - Cold Grove (in competition)
2010 - Blackbirdie -

Special Mention

(in competition) (winner)
2010 - Mama (in competition)
2010 - Superdigital (in competition)
2005 - Who's the Cat?
2005 - LAG
2003 - Safari (in competition)

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