Mar del Plata International Film Festival


Recognized by FIAPF - International Federation of Film Producers Associations as a "non-specialized festival with a feature film competition" - Category A.

The Mar del Plata International Film Festival is still the most relevant competitive festival in the continent. Its audience average is 150,000 spectators. Producers, exhibitors, distributors and journalists from all over the world meet there, contributing to the global promotion of the event and the films.

Official Awards
Gold Astor for best film
Silver Astor for best director
Silver Astor for best actor
Silver Astor for best actress
Silver Astor for best screenplay
Silver Astor for best Ibero-American film
Silver Astor for lifelong achievement

Hungarian films at the festival

2015 - In the Language of Cowbells
2014 - The Square
2013 - Negative History of Hungarian Cinema
2012 - Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen
2010 - Bibliothéque Pascal
2008 - Delta
2008 - Tableau
2008 - Cuckoo (in competition)
2007 - Maestro
2007 - Taxidermia
2007 - Fresh Air (in competition)
2006 - Johanna
2006 - El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil War
2005 - Tamara
2004 - Dealer -

Best Director, Special Mention for the quality and coherence of its images and music score, Argentine Filmcritics' Jury: Best Film, FIPRESCI Jury: Best Film, Cinematographers' KODAK Jury: Best Cinematography

(in competition) (winner)
2003 - Hukkle
2002 - Chico (in competition)
1999 - 6:3
1999 - One Winter Behind God's Back (in competition)
1998 - Passion (in competition)
1997 - Long Twilight (in competition)
1997 - The Witman Boys (in competition)

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