Melbourne Festival of Jewish Cinema


The annual Festival of Jewish Cinema is presented by The Jewish Film Foundation of Australia Inc., an incorporated non-profit association whose mission is to promote the production, distribution and exhibition of Jewish film. The festival presents a large, intenational programme of new, recent and classic films that deal with the Jewish experience.

Hungarian films at the festival

2018 - Budapest Noir
2017 - 1945 - Audience Award for Best Feature (winner)
2017 - On Body and Soul
2016 - Fever at Dawn
2012 - There was Once...
2010 - The Last Report on Anna
2004 - Rosehill
2003 - Smouldering Cigarette
2000 - Angelos' Film
1999 - The Danube exodus (The Jewish exodus, the German exodus)
1997 - Free fall - Private Hungary 10
1997 - Every Sunday
1995 - Awakening
1994 - Why Wasn't He There

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