Montreal Festival Nouveau Cinéma


In keeping with its aim of promoting cinema d'auteur, independent video, and creativity in new media, the FCMM is constantly on the lookout for new and original works. Innovation and exploration are the guiding principles of the FCMM's programming, which is divided into four main categories:

Feature film and video, Documentary, Short, New Media.

The FCMM also presents a series of artist tributes and retrospectives, as well as profiling a number of figures who have made a significant creative contribution.

Hungarian films at the festival

2016 - Lily Lane
2012 - Aglaya
2009 - I am Not Your Friend
2007 - The Man from London
2006 - Taxidermia
2005 - El Perro Negro - Stories from the Spanish Civil War
2005 - The Porcelain Doll
2003 - Joan of Arc on the Night Bus (in competition)
2003 - Ballroom Dancing - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Pleasant Days
2000 - Awakening
2000 - Child Murders
2000 - Escape to Buda
2000 - Red Colibri

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