Naples Corto Circuito Film Festival


Corto Circuito European Festival of Short Communication includes the following international sections:

Premio Europa - best European short film
The Premio Europa, organised in collaboration with important international associations, is an overview of European short film-making, attempting to bring about knowledge-sharing between different cinematic cultures and a contact between the various different situations of short film-making in different European countries.

International award - best documentary on Contemporary Architecture
The Best Contemporary Architecture documentary award testifies the growing interest towards the new forms of multimedia communication in contemporary architecture.

International award for the best documentary on Contemporary Art
Since Corto Circuito started there has always been a section of documentaries on contemporary art. This fact shows the great interest the Festival dedicates to all the works which promote the cultural and artistic heritage. Corto Circuito presentes the International prize for the best documentary on contemporary art to award the works that use current technology at the service of the art and of the audience.

Hungarian films at the festival

2000 - Vision
2000 - Closing Time
2001 - Day After Day (in competition)
2001 - The Golden Bird - Best European Short Film (in competition) (winner)
2002 - 601-S
2002 - After Rain
2002 - Postsoldier
2002 - Tango
2003 - Grenades (in competition)
2003 - Butterfly (in competition)

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