Odense International Film Festival



The Odense Film Festival is an independent short film festival with both an international and a national competition.

It is organized by the City of Odense in cooperation with and financial support by the Danish Film Institute.

The festival is designed to screen unusual short films of high quality with an original and imaginative sense of creative delight as found in the works of Hans Christian Andersen, the world-famous writer of fairy-tales, who was born in Odense in 1805.

Founded in 1975.

Hungarian films at the festival

2019 - Ready Or Not (in competition)
2019 - Entropia (in competition)
2014 - Soft Rain -

Grand Prix

(in competition) (winner)
2012 - Beast -

Special Mention

(in competition) (winner)
2012 - Finale (in competition)
2009 - Face (in competition)
2008 - Tell Your Children (in competition)
2008 - Mozzzart (in competition)
2008 - With a Little Patience - Grand Prix (in competition) (winner)
2008 - Life Line (in competition)
2007 - Tripe and Onions
2006 - Before Dawn - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2005 - Rendezvous (in competition)
2005 - Lucky Man (in competition)
2005 - Tom Tamás (in competition)
2004 - Ceasefire! (in competition)
2004 - Who's the Cat? (in competition)
2004 - The Fox and the Raven (in competition)
2003 - Tango (in competition)
2003 - Side-Track (in competition)

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