Osaka European Film Festival
Back in 1994, there was hardly no occasion to see European films in Osaka and the Kansai.
It seemed unacceptable that the 20 million inhabitants of the region should be deprived of the possibility to enjoy one of the greatest cinematography of the world.
The Osaka European Film Festival was created to fill the need of all cinema lovers, from the Kansai and from Japan.
The audience could at last meet and discuss with invited European film directors, producers, actors and actresses about their work and their cultures, an opportunity still unique in the Kansai today.
A decade has passed, more than a hundred films premiered, and guests welcomed, and the Osaka European Film Festival is now established as the major European film event in Asia and, worldwide, among the few of its kind to be independently organized.
At a time when Europe is questioning itself about its identity, the Osaka European Film Festival promotes more than ever European cultures in their shared heritage and their fantastic variety, by always bringing to its audience a rich and ambitious variety of audiovisual creations.
Patrice Boiteau
Founder and Executive Director

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