Ourense International Independent Film Festival



The Ourense Independent Film Festival is member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals and has established itself as a meeting point for professionals of the sector and as a showpiece for outstanding independent cinema productions from all over the world.

Hungarian films at the festival

Doll No. 639(in competition)
The Investigator
Another Planet(in competition)
Happy New Life
Fools' Song(in competition)
Witch Circle
Dolina(in competition)
One Vote(in competition)
Iska's Journey - Special Prize of the Jury (in competition)(winner)
Mario, the Magician
Opium - Diary of a Madwoman(in competition)
Deposition - Special Mention (in competition)(winner)
Pure Romance
Prank - Special Mention (in competition)(winner)
Red Colibri - Best European Film (in competition)(winner)
Mama(in competition)

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