Procida Il Vento del Cinema


thinking cinema/(who cinema thinks about)

Since 2001, il vento del cinema has brought filmmakers, philosophers and students (as well as artists, critics, writers, musicians and, of course, the public) to an enchanting island, where the wind and cinema blow where they will, for a series of non-stop free jam sessions. During the festival, a discussion or a debate can be interrupted, or sidetracked, or revived � unexpectedly, on request (by the �assembly�), or programmed � by a Laurel and Hardy gag, by a scene from Godard, by the flickering of anonymous found footage, or by a Dreyer finale. Or, it can be automatically channeled into a continuous flow of images on the screen (which are often historical and spectacular rushes, like those from Sergej Paradzanov�s Sayat Nova). And then, at scheduled times (even at night), national and international film premieres, video registrations, rarities, performances of music and images. Plus shipboard projections, during which one can find oneself, under the stars, far from the coastline, watching Rossellini�s Francesco Giullare di Dio (The Flowers of St. Francis) next to spectators like Manoel De Oliveira and Abel Ferrara, or Lang�s Moonfleet alongside John Whiteley, (former) child actor and the star of the film.

Past editions of il vento del cinema offered rarities like the first and only projection of the theatre sequence shot for the unfinished Don Quijote by Orson Welles; the complete projection of roughly twenty hours of fascinating lectures that Gilles Deleuze held in Vincennes between 1973 and 1980; filmed encounters with Umberto Eco and Jacques Derrida; video conversations with directors from all over the world about the image of 9/11; Terrence Malick�s introduction to The Essence of Reason by Martin Heidegger; the film Venerd? Santo, shot by Herz Frank on the island of Procida, edited and presented during the festival.

Guests over the years included Giorgio Agamben, Dario Argento, Rita Azevedo Gomes, Franco Battiato, Remo Bodei, Julio Bressane, Marielle Burkhalter, Bruno Canino, Daniele Cipr?, Umberto Curi, Tonino De Bernardi, Manoel De Oliveira, Massimo Don?, Luciano Emmer, Abel Ferrara, Maurizio Ferraris, Hél?ne Frappat, Philippe Garrel, Yervant Gianikian, Giulio Giorello, Sergio Givone, Otar Ioseliani, Fred Jameson, Abbas Kiarostami, Franco Maresco, Mario Martone, Alain Raybaud, Angela Ricci Lucchi, Francesco Rosi, Pier Aldo Rovatti, Isabel Ruth, Emanuele Severino, Manlio Sgalambro, Peter Sloterdijk, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, Aleksandr Sokurov, Béla Tarr, Andrei Ujica, and John Whiteley.

Every year a different theme is dealt with, like rushes, or rather, the flagrancy of cinema that resists/pre-exists; restAura, about the frenzy and craving to restore and conserve both the body and the soul in cinema and of cinema; the ages of cinema, when the present of cinema itself for the first time sees a generation of almost eighty-year-olds (often from the ex-nouvelle vague) with fourteen-year-old video makers...

Hungarian films at the festival

2004 - Prologue

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