Pune International Film Festival



Founded in 2002.

Pune is the fastest growing cosmopolitan in the country today. The presence of FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) for a very long time as generated an unparalleled “intellect” Cinema audience base. Pune has a very large influx of foreign students, professionals, researchers etc. They come from all parts of the world and they are integral part of the strong society structure of Pune. The education capital of India – Pune, also draws students from all disciplines across the country.

The availability of a world class movie watching experience through the newly built Multiplexes (E square, Inox etc.) has triggered a new passions for cinema enthusiasts in the city. The communities of varied interest cinema-goers – regional, national & international is a large, proactive & a quality one. This provides for an ideal base for an International Film festival.

Hungarian films at the festival

Princely Reprieve
A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De Körös
Just Sex and Nothing Else
Fresh Air
Hungarian Beauty
After the Day Before(in competition)
The Lord's Lantern in Budapest
Dancing Figure
Milky Way - ambient movie
The Porcelain Doll
Dallas Among us
Fresh Air
After the Day Before
Children of the Green Dragon
Kolorádó Kid
So Much for Justice
The Way You Are
Car Park
Black Soup
Free Entry
Coming Out
Couch Surf
What Ever Happened to Timi?
Blossom Valley(in competition)
The Butcher, The Whore And The One Eyed Man
The Whiskey Bandit
Budapest Noir
Tall Tales(in competition)
His Master's Voice(in competition)
Ghetto Balboa(in competition)
Erasing Frank - Special Jury Award (in competition)(winner)

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