Reykjavik International Film Festival


Reykjavik International Film Festival, launched in 2004, holds in many respects a unique position among film festivals organized around the world. How often are festival-goers given the chance to catch the cream of recent festival films, see dozens of amazing flicks from the world's youngest and most talented directors, meet foreign film pioneers, see the shimmering Northern lights, enjoy a glacier-trip, attend informative seminars and symposiums, experience the wildest nightlife north of Rio and kick back in the Blue Lagoon - all during the same festival?

New Visions competition
The Reykjavik International Film Festival shines the spotlight on young and emerging directors. New Visions consists of debut or second films that have garnered attention around the world. The variety is truly remarkable but they have in common an innovative and sometimes provocative approach to film.

The films in this group compete for the following awards:
the Discovery of the Year Award which is the festival's main prize,
the FIPRESCI award,
and the Church of Iceland Film Prize.

Hungarian films at the festival

2011 - The Turin Horse -

Lifetime Achievement Award

2010 - Dealer
2010 - Forest
2010 - The Camera Murderer
2009 - Another Planet
2008 - The Investigator
2008 - Without Mercy (in competition)
2007 - Happy New Life (in competition)
2007 - Iska's Journey - Golden Puffin (main prize) (in competition) (winner)
2006 - Fresh Air - Honorable Mention (in competition) (winner)
2006 - Taxidermia (in competition)
2005 - The Porcelain Doll (in competition)

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