Roma Independent Film Festival


The RIFF includes the following sections:
Feature Film Competition
American Independent Cinema Event (out of competition)
Documentary Competition
International Short Film Competition
Italian Short Film Competition
Digital Short Film Competition
Animation Competition

The Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is a non-profit cultural organization whose members include both cinema enthusiasts and industry professionals. The association� mission is to promote and increase the visibility of Italian and international cinema, which is often out of public reach. Both public and press have enthusiastically supported the RIFF, touting the festival as one of the biggest film competitions in terms of entry number and international film selection.
In 2003 RIFF set up a special program designed to offer young filmmakers the opportunity to develop their ideas in a professional environment: the RIFF Expanded Cinema. This initiative, whose aim is to support young writers through every stage of the film-making process, from pre-production through production, post-production and distribution, is made possible by the RIFF FILM GRANT, which collects funds from the film industry and related bodies, to a total of 100.000 Euro. Several businesses in this sector, such as PROXIMA, KODAK, AUGUSTUS COLOR and FORUM MUSIC VILLAGE, have already pledged their support.

Hungarian films at the festival

2013 - The Maiden Danced To Death (in competition)
2010 - Edward (in competition)
2010 - Rotate (in competition)
2009 - Another Planet - Best Documentary (in competition) (winner)
2009 - Prima Primavera (in competition)
2006 - Black Brush (in competition)
2006 - The Dike of Transience (in competition)
2003 - Children - Kosovo 2000 (in competition)
1993 - Children of Iron God - Special Prize of the Italian Film Club Society (in competition) (winner)
1992 - Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe - Olasz Filmkritikusok Szövetsége (in competition) (winner)

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