Saint-Petersburg Message to Man


Documentary, Short and Animated Film Festival, founded in 1988.
The Message to Man International Film Festival is accredited in the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF, France). Festival is organized with the support of The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, St Petersburg City Administration, St Petersburg Culture Committee, Russian Filmmakers' Union.

The festival program includes
- International competition
- National documentary film competition
- Special programs

Hungarian films at the festival

2016 - The Noise of Licking (in competition)
2012 - Finale (in competition)
2008 - Tell Your Children (in competition)
2007 - Sooner or Later (in competition)
2005 - Before Dawn - Centaur Prize for the Best Short Fiction (in competition) (winner)
2005 - The Lord's Lantern in Budapest - Golden Centaur Life Acheivement Award (winner)
2004 - 18 Pictures From the Life of a Conserve Factory Girl
2002 - Children - Kosovo 2000 (in competition)
2002 - Tango
2001 - Day After Day - Diploma of the Jury (in competition) (winner)
1999 - Burial of Winter
1998 - The Way

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