Salerno International Film Festival


Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno  founded in 1947.

Hungarian films at the festival

The Brother of Brooklyn - Italian Cinema Owners' Prize (in competition)(winner)
Princely Reprieve
Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde?
The Bad Doctor(in competition)
Anna's Film - Best Actor: Cserhalmi György (in competition)(winner)
The Real Santa
Lost Leading Man(in competition)
Awakening - Grand Prix (in competition)(winner)
Song of Lives(in competition)
Eszter's Inheritance - Prize of Salerno City (in competition)(winner)
Stork Story
Last Seen Wearing a Blue Skirt - Best Screenplay: István Kardos (in competition)(winner)
Long Twilight - Main Prize,

Best Actress: Mari Törőcsik
(in competition)(winner)
Jadviga's Pillow - Grand Prix (in competition)(winner)
Chinese Defense - First Film Category Main Prize (in competition)(winner)
Little Fish... Big Fish...(in competition)
Mist - Mayor of Salerno City's Prize (in competition)(winner)
Lost World(in competition)
Stolen Pictures
After the Day Before(in competition)
Simon the Magician - Best Screenplay: Ildikó Enyedi (winner)
The Counterpart(in competition)
Red Colibri - Best Actress: Barbara de Rossi,

Best Producer
(in competition)(winner)
Feri's Gang
Nine Cuts(in competition)
The Gravedigger(in competition)
The Gentleman Takes his Leave(in competition)
Tincity(in competition)
The Private Life of Cathrine(in competition)
Kolorádó Kid(in competition)
Anna's Film - Grand Prize (in competition)(winner)

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