San Jose Cinequest

United States

Cinequest is Northern California's premier motion picture institute that presents a soul-stirring and personable festival of international films and digital media forums for movie lovers, maverick film artists, and film students. Cinequest accepts all genres and styles.

Globally unique in its concept, the Cinequest Film Festival presents an event that goes beyond the traditional concept of 'film festival' and providing the world of independent and foreign filmmakers, technology innovators, students and film lovers with a revolution of discovery, empowerment and distribution. Cinequest Film Festival is not only a platform to premiere films and celebrate talent, but Cinequest Distribution is a viable option to reach a worldwide audience.
This is a festival of true discovery, empowerment through knowledge and the latest in technologies, and revolutionary distribution.

Founded in 1990.

Hungarian films at the festival

Princely Reprieve
Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde?
The Investigator
The Emigré - Everything is Different
Bitches(in competition)
Just Sex and Nothing Else
Oneheadword Protection(in competition)
Eszter's Inheritance
Fresh Air - Global Vision Award (winner)
Iska's Journey
A Bus Came... - Sketchfilm
Close to Love
Guarded Secrets
Down by Love
On a Train(in competition)
Alena's Journey
Ariadne's Thread
Prima Primavera(in competition)
Camambert Rose(in competition)
The Days of Desire(in competition)
Question in Details
Tincity(in competition)
Children of the Green Dragon -

Best Narrative Feature

(in competition)(winner)
Invisible Strings -

Best Feature Documentary

(in competition)(winner)
The Exam(in competition)
For Some Inexplicable Reason(in competition)
Fever at Dawn -

Best Narrative Drama Feature

(in competition)(winner)
The Citizen - Best Drama (in competition)(winner)
That Trip We Took With Dad - Best Comedy Film (in competition)(winner)
Not Yet
Tall Tales - Global Vision Award (in competition)(winner)

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