San Sebastian International Film Festival


Recognized by FIAPF - International Federation of Film Producers Associations as a "non-specialized festival with a feature film competition" - Category A.

Official Section - selection of competing films from among recent cinematographic works not to have competed in other Festivals, the main prize is the Gold Shell for the best film, New Directors' prizes
Zabaltegi - informative section which offers a complete overview of newly released films, Zabaltegi encompasses most of the films which compete for the New Directors Award,
Horizontes Latinos - The San Sebastián International Film Festival sharpens the focus of its special attention on the wealth of Latin Cinema,

Hungarian films at the festival

2017 - On Body and Soul
2017 - Ultra (in competition)
2015 - Son of Saul
2014 - Hukkle
2014 - Moscow Square
2014 - Johanna
2014 - Black Brush
2014 - Kontroll
2014 - Adrienn Pál
2013 - The District
2002 - Hukkle - New Directors Award (Special Prize for the Best First Film) (in competition) (winner)
1994 - Child Murders
1993 - A Light-Sensitive Story (in competition)

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