Sarajevo Film Festival

Bosnia and Herzegovina

After four years long siege of Sarajevo, and with an intention to recreate civil society of the City, the  Sarajevo Film Festival was founded in 1995. Today, the Sarajevo Film Festival represents the main meeting place for all regional producers and authors and is recognized by film professionals from all over the world as the pinnacle point for networking for all wishing to learn more about the possibilities this region has to offer.

Hungarian films at the festival

18 Pictures From the Life of a Conserve Factory Girl
Joan of Arc on the Night Bus (in competition)
The Man from London
The History of Aviation - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
The Sinking Village (in competition)
Rhythm of the City (in competition)
Transmission (in competition)
Day After Day
Dallas Among us (in competition)
Delta - CICAE Award (in competition) (winner)
Lunch (in competition)
Egerszalók (in competition)
One Winter Behind God's Back (in competition)
Sooner or Later (in competition)
Human (in competition)
Ergo - Special Honorary Mention (in competition) (winner)
Werewolf (in competition)
Fata Morgana (in competition)
Fresh Air
Grenades (in competition)
Iska's Journey - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
Johanna (in competition)
Spy in a One Horse Town (in competition)
Execution (in competition)
Kythera (in competition)
Girls (in competition)
Mama (in competition)
I am Not Your Friend
Pater-Noster (in competition)
Espresso - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
Romani Kris - Gypsy Law
Tripe and Onions - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
The Apple of Our Eyes (in competition)
Pleasant Days
Lucky Man (in competition)
Milky Way - ambient movie
Coming out (in competition)
Werckmeister Harmonies
Hard Lines (in competition)
Bibliothéque Pascal - CICAE Award (in competition) (winner)
Adrienn Pál (in competition)
Tender Son - The Frankenstein Project -

Special Jury Award

(in competition) (winner)
The Turin Horse
Beast (in competition)
Something Blue (in competition)
Invisible Strings (in competition)
German Unity @ Balaton (in competition)
180/100 (in competition)
Just the Wind
Regina (in competition)
Someone for Dinner (in competition)
Land of Storms (in competition)
White God (in competition)
Provincia (in competition)
Stream of Love (in competition)
Son of Saul -

Special Jury Prize

(in competition) (winner)
Richie (in competition)
Drifter (in competition)
The Noise of Licking
Titita - Special Jury Prize (in competition) (winner)
Jupiter's Moon
Bond (in competition)
Invisibly (in competition)
On Body and Soul
Volcano Island (in competition)
Second Hand (in competition)
Ultra (in competition)
Wellness (in competition)
Come by Chance (in competition)
Bibliothéque Pascal - Cineuropa Award (in competition) (winner)
One Day - Best Actress (in competition) (winner)
Ghetto Balboa (in competition)
Easy Lessons (in competition)
Off Season (in competition)
Last Call - Best Student Film (in competition) (winner)
Siege (in competition)
Ruben Brandt, Collector
As Up to Now (in competition)
The Euphoria of Being’ - Human Rights Award (in competition) (winner)
On the Quiet
Things Worth Weeping For

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