Sibiu ASTRA Film Fest


ASTRA FILM FEST, biennial festival of documentary film, has become one of the most important forums for the high-quality documentary film production in Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The Festival attracts productions and guests from all over the world and includes a special section for the Romanian documentary film.

The Festival was initiated in 1993 to promote documentary films and visual anthropology in this part of the world. It has proved to fulfill a need for films that go beyond mere journalism, inspect and narrate the untold stories of the region.

The festival provides a unique context for the FILMS IN COMPETITION, whereas each film is followed by discussion with its author. The debates reflect on the importance of the creative use of motion-picture language and other issues of visual anthropology.

The ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS include the a special program of visual anthropology.

ASTRA FILM FEST is a good opportunity to learn about the realities, the important issues and stories of the region along with documentaries from other parts of the world.

Hungarian films at the festival

2018 - Easy Lessons (in competition)
2017 - SOUL EXODUS: THE KLEZMER STORY (in competition)
2009 - Lost World (in competition)
2007 - A Village Romance - Lesbian Love (in competition)
2004 - The TV and Me (in competition)
2002 - Northlands - Diploma of the Jury (in competition) (winner)
2002 - Children - Kosovo 2000

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