Singapore International Film Festival


Launched in 1987, the Singapore International Film Festival has the following objectives: 
Promote film as an artistic medium
Provide the opportunity to audiences to view films not otherwise released commercially.
Create awareness of the finer points of filmmaking through seminars and workshops by overseas professionals
Pave the way for a Singapore film industry
Provide an international showcase for Asian Cinema
The Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) is an annual film event which screens about 300 films from over 45 countries. Besides screening award winning and critically acclaimed films, we also organize workshops, seminars and exhibitions on filmmaking for the film students and the film industry.
The Festival is recognized by international film critics for its programming and focus on Asian Cinema and has a platform for new Singapore films and a window to South East Asian films. Many festival programmers and critics attend our Festival to discover new Asian talents. Tributes to the SIFF have been organized by the Cine Vegas Film Festival and the European Institute of Cinema.
To encourage excellence amongst Asian filmmakers, the Festival introduced the Silver Screen Awards Competition in 1991. The Awards have become regionally recognized and Asian filmmakers vie to have their films entered in-competition to gain exposure in world markets. Through the Awards, we have witnessed the success of Singapore filmmakers like Eric Khoo, Sandi Tan and Royston Tan who are recognized internationally.

Hungarian films at the festival

2008 - The Man from London
2005 - Little Apocrypha No.2
2005 - Eastern Sugar
2004 - 601-S
2004 - Hukkle
2000 - Simon the Magician
1998 - Long Twilight
1998 - The Witman Boys
1997 - Vaska Easoff
1995 - No Girl Ever Had This Effect on Me

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