Sydney Film Festival


The first Sydney Film Festival was held in June 1954, at the University of Sydney in four halls. This annual event has since grown into a 13 day affair that draws international and local attention, with films being showcased in several venues across the city centre.

Each year the festival brings the best new films from around the world to audiences right here in Sydney. As well as brand new features from over forty countries, we screen short films, Australian films, documentaries and archive titles, many of which are recently restored. The festival hosts a number of awards to recognise excellence in filmmaking, including the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films, (which are Academy Award eligible) and the Official Competition, which celebrates 'courageous and audacious filmmaking'.

Hungarian films at the festival

2018 - One Day (in competition)
2017 - Jupiter's Moon
2017 - On Body and Soul (in competition)
2017 - On Body and Soul - Sydney Film Prize (in competition) (winner)
2013 - Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen
2012 - Just the Wind
2011 - The Turin Horse
2007 - Fresh Air
2003 - Hukkle (in competition)
2002 - Abandoned (in competition)
1998 - Free fall - Private Hungary 10
1998 - The Way
1997 - Bolshe Vita
1997 - Every Sunday
1994 - Why Wasn't He There

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