Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


Founded in 1999 under the artistic direction of Dimitri Eipides.

In principle, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century is a non-competitive event. There are Audience Awards sponsored by Fischer, as well as the Amnesty International and the WWF. The International Federation of Film Critics awards the FIPRESCI prize for Best Greek and Best Foreign Documentary to one Greek and one foreign film.

Hungarian films at the festival

2019 - Easy Lessons (in competition)
2016 - Titita
2014 - Overdose - Run for a Dream
2014 - Stream of Love
2009 - Another Planet - ERT3 Award (winner)
2005 - New Eldorado
2004 - Ballroom Dancing
2002 - Children - Kosovo 2000 (in competition)
2001 - Jonuc and the Beggar Mob
2000 - The Danube exodus (The Jewish exodus, the German exodus)
2000 - Our Stork
2000 - Angelos' Film

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