Torino Film Festival


Founded on September 25, 1982.
The Festival, which was created and directed by Ansano Giannarelli and Gianni Rondolino, was originally called the Festival Internazionale Cinema Giovani (International Festival of Young Cinema), and it mainly focused on young people’s culture, their stories and their languages.

Hungarian films at the festival

Joan of Arc on the Night Bus(in competition)
Death Rode out of Persia(in competition)
The Man from London
The Sun Street Boys(in competition)
Transmission(in competition)
North by North
Hukkle(in competition)
Made in Hungaria
Milky Way - ambient movie
Bibliothéque Pascal
Final Cut - Ladies and Gentlemen
For Some Inexplicable Reason - Special Jury Award (in competition)(winner)
For Some Inexplicable Reason - Audience Award (in competition)(winner)
For Some Inexplicable Reason - Student Jury Best Screenplay Award (in competition)(winner)
For Some Inexplicable Reason - TorinoSette Readers Jury People Choice Award (in competition)(winner)
Bad Poems - Scuola Holden Award for Best Script (in competition)(winner)
Bad Poems - Jury’s Special Mention (in competition)(winner)
Bad Poems - AVANTI Award (in competition)(winner)
His Master's Voice(in competition)

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