A Festival made by cinema lovers for cinema lovers. Created in order to watch films together, discuss them, to meet well-known and yet rising stars of cinema in an non-obligating atmosphere of Torunian breach.
IFF TOFIFEST is one of the fastest developing Polish film events presenting the cinema made by young directors from all over the world, accompanied by the films by the classics of world cinematography. The event, born in Torun, is a made with passion �estival for dreamers� appreciated by the viewers and media. Lifastyle AKTIVIST monthly called TOFIFEST a �olish Sundance� biggest Polish daily gazette Gazeta Wyborcza wrote: �t is one of most-known and opinion-making festivals of independent cinema in Poland�
The Grand Prix is GOLDEN ANGEL �which refers to the Medieval symbol of Toruń �a hometown of our Festival. Each year TOFIFEST screenes over 150 feature films, among which there are many previously unseen on Polish screens. They are presented in a dozen or so film sections. They are accompanied by the workshops, concerts, theatrical spectacles, dance parties and meetings with the stars of European cinema.

Films awarded at TOFIFEST usually go then to regular distribution throughout Polish cinemas.

Hungarian films at the festival

2020 - Agape (in competition)
2019 - As Up to Now (in competition)
2017 - Invisibly (in competition)
2012 - Beast -

Golden Angel

(in competition) (winner)
2011 - High Voltage (in competition)
2010 - Variations (in competition)
2009 - The Dinner - Golden Angel (in competition) (winner)
2006 - The Unburied Man
2006 - White Palms (in competition)
2005 - Stop Mom Theresa! (in competition)
2003 - Hukkle - Main Prize (in competition) (winner)
2003 - Golden City (in competition)
2002 - Temptations (in competition)
2002 - I Love Budapest (in competition)
2000 - Candy Blue
1999 - Romani Kris - Gypsy Law
1999 - Natasa
1999 - Long Twilight

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