Valencia Cinema Jove International Film Festival


Cinema Jove  started in 1986 with the aim of supporting young people who had something to say on film, or those who were taking their first steps in the audio-visual industry. The Festival is open to any young film-director born after the 1st of January 1967.

Sections & Prizes:
- Feature Section - "Luna de Valencia" to the Best Feature
- Short Section - "Luna de Valencia de Oro","Luna de Valencia de Plata","Luna de Valencia de Bronce"

Hungarian films at the festival

2019 - Bad Poems
2018 - Genesis - Luna de Valencia main prize (in competition) (winner)
2018 - Genesis - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2014 - Touch -

Luna de Valencia Lifetime Achievement Award

2010 - Father's Acre (in competition)
2009 - The Counterpart - Special Mention (in competition) (winner)
2008 - With a Little Patience (in competition)
2005 - Before Dawn (in competition)
2005 - Eastern Sugar (in competition)
2004 - Who's the Cat? (in competition)
2003 - After Rain
1998 - Altamira (in competition)

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