Viareggio EuropaCinema


The main aim of the festival founded in Rimini by Felice Laudadio in 1984, with the support of Federico Fellini is to promote the cinema of all European countries.
Since 2010 under the name Viareggio EuropaCinema, the host for three important institutions: the Festival, the School of Advanced Studies on Film and Show and the Cinema Museum.

Under the Honorary Presidency of Giuseppe Tornatore and the Artistic Direction of Pier Marco de Santi

Hungarian films at the festival

2010 - Question in Details (in competition)
2010 - The Last Report on Anna
2010 - Vespa
2010 - Agnus Dei
2003 - Fools' Song
1999 - Lover of Pirates (in competition)
1990 - Diary for My Father and Mother - Best Film

Best Actress: Zsuzsa Czinkóczi
(in competition) (winner)

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