Bowler Hat and Red Nose

Youth film, Hungary, directed by István Lauró Bácskai, 1978. Movie version made on the basis of the series nominated for television’s Oscar prize.

Kisrece and friends, members of the Wild Goose Patrol, form an alliance to track down what happened to the monkeys from the zoo. During their crazy adventures they keep coming up against greedy, wicked, scheming adults. Their path is constantly crossed by Bagaméri, the undercover, cursed ice cream salesman who nobody wants to buy an ice cream from.

Produced by Hunnia Stúdió, Directed by Bácskai Lauró István, Written by Csukás István, Screenplay by Csukás István, Cast: Kovács Krisztián, Berkes Gábor, Alfonzó, Szilágyi István, Páger Antal, Haumann Péter, Tímár Béla, Director of Photography: Ráday Mihály, Music by Aldobolyi Nagy György, Herczeg László, Sound by Pintér György, Vámosi András, Costume Designer Fekete Mária, Edited by G. Szabó Lőrinc, Karátsony Gabriella

Language: Hungarian
Audio: 2.0
Colour: colour
Subtitles: English
Format: cinemascope 4:3
Running Time: 95'

Bonus features:

“I have two wings: poems and stories” – In conversation with István Csukás, MNF, 2019
István Csukás: episodes of Pom Pom: The Ambushing Clothesline; The Big Blower; The Watch Spring-Spined Slinky Spring; The Magnetic-Nailed Nail Magne

Published and distributed by Hungarian National Film Fund – Film Archive, 2019