Captain of the Forest

Hungarian animated festure film, directed by Attila Dargay, 1987. Digital remastering supervised by Irén Henrik D.O.P.

The inhabitants of the Great Forest are plagued by Zero, the king of villains. He wants to sell the forest sheltering the animals. But Captain, the brave sheriff, and his crew, Ede Eleméri and Goliath, stand on their guard, and Zero in vain keeps appearing in the disguise of various semblances, he will be caught and exposed at last.

Produced by Pannónia Filmstúdió, Directed by Attila Dargay, Screenplay by Attila Dargay, István Imre, József Nepp, Director of Photography Irén Henrik, Music by Zsolt Pethő, Sound Design by Péter Bársony, Design by Lászlót Buda, Edited by Magda Hap, Voice Actors: László Csákányi, János Gálvölgyi, József Székhelyi, István Mikó, György Miklósy, László Horesnyi, Ferenc Zenthe, András Komlós, Emese Simorjay, Head of Studio: Dr. György Matolcsy, Movie Poster Design by Attila Dargay 

Language: Hungarian
Audio: 2.0 
Colour: Colour
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (1.33:1) 
Running Time: 71’

Published and distributed by Hungarian National Film Fund – Film Archive, 2019