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Hungary – György Palásthy, 1971. Retro classic family film featuring the biggest stars of the day including Krisztián Kovács, Manyi Kiss and Gábor Koncz.

The parents of 5-year-old Öcsi lock him in the bathroom as punishment. He decides to get Time for his parents with the help of his dwarf friends Kököjszi and Bobojsza so that his Mum and Dad will spend more time with him. His trip to the clock factory is unsuccessful and after he selflessly protects his parents, who were captured by the king of Bergengóc, from a heavy sentence, he also takes up the battle against the seven-headed dragon which is usurping Time...

Produced by Mafilm 2, Directed by György Palásthy, Written by Sándor Török, Screenplay by Sándor Török, Cast: Krisztián Kovács, Manyi Kiss, Gábor Koncz, Eszter Szakács, Ferenc Lajula, Lajos Básti, Imre Sinkovits, Director of Photography: Ottó Forgács, Music by Ferenc Lovas, Sound by János Arató, Set Designer: József Romvári, Costume Designer: Éva Witz, Edited by Sándor Boronkay, Head of the Studio: Miklós Köllő

Language: Hungarian
Audio: 2.0
Subtitles: English
Format: 16:9 (1.78:1)
Running Time: 81’

Published and distributed by Hungarian National Film Fund – Film Archive, 2019