Moszkva Square

Two-disc edition. Hungary – Ferenc Török, 2001

A generational cult film that made a legend out of the Moszkva Square hamburger and night-time wave bath at the Gellért. The secret of director Ferenc Török’s hit movie based on personal experiences is that it lovingly portrays well-known characters from the 1980s and, using contemporary archive footage, it encapsulates the wild period marking the collapse of socialism. Spring 1989 represents the start of ‘real life’ for a final-year grammar school class, while their parents and teachers look to an uncertain future with a measure of concern. Petya and his mates pick up party addresses on Moszkva Square, deal in forged rail tickets, and their big dream is somehow to get to the West during the summer. A trip to Paris, first love, a mega school leaving exam scandal and plenty of partying, all in the spring of the change of regime.

Produced by Hunnia Filmstudió, Directed by Ferenc Török, Screenplay by Ferenc Török, Cast: Gábor Karalyos, Erzsi Pápai, Eszter Balla, Vilmos Csatlós, Simon Szabó, András Réthelyi, Bence Jávor, Zsolt Kovács, Ilona Béres, Imre Csuja, Director of Photography: Dániel Garas, Music by Balázs Temesvári, Sound by Tamás Zányi, Set Designer: Gábor Valcz, Costume Designer: Gitta Rajnai, Edited by Béla Barsi, Photo: Ábel Szalontai, Dávid Lukács

Bonus Features:

Audio commentary of the crew members
’Tranzit’ the diploma film of Ferenc Török, 1999
’Alkotók a Moszkva térről – Egy kultfilm születése’ interview with the crew members, 2019
News reports from 1989
Photo gallery

Language: Hungarian
Audio: 2.0
Subtitles: English, French
Format 16:9 (1.85:1)
Running time: 88'

Published and distributed by Hungarian National Film Fund – Film Archive, 2020