Book dedicated by Adolph Zukor

Adolph Zukor, who established Paramount Pictures film studio and was one of the founders of Hollywood filmmaking, was born in the village of Ricse on 7 January 1873 and he died in Los Angeles on 10 June 1976.

A comprehensive volume covering his career, The House That Shadows Built, was published in 1928. A copy with personal dedication by Zukor was entered into the Film Archive library in 1958.

Sculptor Aladár Gárdos, to whom the book was dedicated, came into contact with Zukor, who was then already in his sixties. The meeting came about because Zukor wanted to present Ricse, the village where he was born, with an ornamental well. The well with sculpture of a shepherd and his flock was finally completed in 1928. The composition was made by Gárdos, who fell victim to the Holocaust in 1944. He also created the façade reliefs on Gellért Hotel in Budapest, several tombs in the capital’s Kerepesi cemetery, and several sculptures of Kossuth and Deák in the countryside.

The shepherd's fountain in Ricse (forrás: Szoborlap)