Hungarica Research


In this jubilee year, the National Film Institute is launching the International Motion Picture Hungarica Research Programme with the aim of researching the Hungarian and Hungarian-related film history heritage, making it accessible and wherever possible, repatriating it. The aim of the programme is to locate and then make ready for presentation lost or hitherto unknown works of the Hungarian film heritage, track down the oeuvres of Hungarian and Hungarian-origin, and internationally significant artists, collect motion picture and other related documents, artefacts, and make them accessible for the general public. The programme is being conducted in close cooperation with the foreign partner institutions of the Film Archive because its achievements may well be of interest not only from a Hungarian but an international perspective, too. We endeavour to showcase the results in a variety of forms, through the presentation of restored films, screening programmes, lectures, educational and scientific publications, and integrated into teaching programmes. This site includes all the most important topics and findings of research. The databases used for the research include Arcanum, Fortepan, Media History Digital Library, Library of Congress,, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, among others.

Lead image: Martha Eggerth and Jan Kiepura (Source: NFI)