The Bostonwille Adventure

Emil Fenyő, 1920. A complex thriller with hair-raising pursuits and hilarious misunderstandings.

Premiere: 6 October 1920 (press-view, Omnia), 22 October 1920 (premiere, Omnia)
Genre: feature film, crime film, silent film
Director: Emil Fenyő

Original length: 5 acts, 1600 m.
Lost film.

Easy-going, bohemian Fred gets accidentally mixed up with a bad crowd. Boss Tom tasks the elegant young man with a serious job. Vivienne Gordon and her wealthy aunt, Lady Gordon Douglas, owner of the world-famous Hamilton diamonds, are spending summer at the Atlantic Hotel in Bostonville. Fred’s job is to worm his way into the Gordon family, win Vivienne’s heart and then steal the diamonds. The young man starts on his plan and manages to get close to the victim posing as Count Novalsky. Vivienne, whose father wants an arranged marriage to billionaire Mr. Nordis, fights heroically against paternal tyranny. The pretty girl begins to feel true love awaken towards Fred, who does not have the heart to cheat her so he tells all. His honesty wins the love of the girl. Meanwhile, the hotel is hit by a series of burglaries and robberies. The detectives start investigating and since all the leads point towards Fred, he is arrested. Vivienne defends the young man. It turns out Fred is the son of billionaire Nordis; he fled home to escape the bride picked by his father. After all these machinations, nothing can stand in the way of their happiness and the Bostonville adventure becomes a contented marriage.

What makes it interesting?
This crime drama was directed by the popular actor Emil Fenyő. A contemporary review of the motion picture said: ‘It contains everything that is today indispensable in a modern American movie: plenty of excitement, robberies, madcap chases, car chases, a railway scene, fights, a revolver, lasso and many other bits and pieces so as to ensure that the audience never gets bored.’ (Képes Mozivilág, 1920/34. September 5. 6.p.)

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Minerva
Screenwriter: Desiré Wyding, Ede Sas
Cinematographer: Miksa Adler
Cast: Emil Fenyő, Ida Andorffy, László Z. Molnár, Bäby Becker, Ernő Tarnay, Arthur Csiszér, Kató Szentiványi, Franciska Gaál, Bella Muzsnay, Eduard Seidl