The Carnival Dizziness

Márton Garas , 1921. Love triangle starring Ica Lenkeffy.

Premiere: 4 November 1921 (Corso, Mozgókép-Otthon)
Genre: feature film, drama, silent film
Director: Márton Garas

Original length: 5 acts, 1389 m
A short fragment was discovered in the collection of Deutsche Kinemathek.

A sense of intoxicating fun reigns on the last night of the carnival. Snow-filled streets are carpeted with a mix of merrymakers. Sir Richard Dennis meets Sir Mortimer Talbot, his wife Mary and sister Margaret. Soon there are feelings of affection developing between Richard and Mary, and when Talbot travels on business Richard sneaks in to see his wife. However, the husband unexpectedly returns home and Richard, in order to save the wife’s honour, asks for Margaret’s hand in marriage. After the wedding, the young couple live a monotonous, unhappy life until one day Richard finds a letter of Margaret’s in which she informs a man named French that he can visit her on Saturday because her husband is going hunting. Richard, gun in hand, waits in ambush and then rushes into the house where he discovers his wife with the stranger. Richard’s blood boils and his finger is on the trigger of the gun. At this moment the woman laughs, shoves the barrel of the rifle aside and tells him that the man, whose real name is Montgomery, is none other than her brother, who has just come home from India, and they played out this little comedy to teach Richard a lesson about who he loves. Richard is thoroughly deflated and stands shamed in front of his wife, who then kisses and forgives him.

What makes it interesting?
The love triangle story made with great artistic skill became memorable because of the superb acting of Ica Lenkeffy among others. The film even stole the hearts of audiences in Egyptian cinemas.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Corvin
Screenwriter: Antal Radó Jr.
Cinematographer: István Eiben
Cast: Oszkár Dénes (Sir Mortimer Talbot), Erzsi B. Marton (Mary, Mortimer's wife), Ica Lenkeffy (Margarette, Mary's sister), Petrovich Szvetiszláv (Sir Richard Dennis, the young aristocrat), Kálmán Zátony (French / Margaret's brother)

International Distribution
Austria (Faschingsrausch)