The Dolova Nabob's Daughter

Jenő Janovics, 1916. Fine acting by Lili Berky in this adaptation of a popular stage work.

Premiere: 29 August 1916 (press-view, Mozgókép-Otthon), 1916. September 9. (premiere, Színkör-mozgó, Kolozsvár)
Genre: feature film, drama, silent film
Director: Jenő Janovics

Original length: 3 acts, the original length is unknown.
Lost film.

The lucky star of Dolova Nabob Sándor Jób is on the wane. The old pillars of the Jób country house are shaking and gradually parts of the ancient estate are falling into the hands of strangers. It is into this crisis that Vilma, daughter of the Dolova Nabob, returns home from the Institute for Young Ladies. While attending the wedding of a friend she meets Tarján Gida Salgói, hussar lieutenant, and they immediately fall in love. However, the young man breaks off the engagement when he finds out the family are penniless. The spurned girl attempts suicide but she is saved. Having recovered, she determines that she will marry the new lord of their manor, Baron Merlin. In the meantime, Tarján realizes that he cannot live without Vilma and he turns to drink. He gets mixed up in a duel and is seriously injured. Fighting a raging fever, he seeks out Vilma and asks her to marry him. Baron Merlin takes his long-held object of affection, Vilma’s great aunt, as his wife.

What makes it interesting?
Many praised the film for the great acting of Lili Berky. The entire 9 th Honvéd hussar regiment acted as extras in scenes. The hugely popular stage work by Ferenc Herczeg found its way to the hearts of audiences in motion picture format, too.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Corvin Filmgyár
Writer: Ferenc Herczeg (play, 1893)
Screenwriter: Jenő Janovics
Cinematographer: László Fekete, Árpád Virágh 
Cast: Lili Berky (Vilma Jób), Gyula Csortos (Gida Tarján lieutenant), Jenő Janovics (Baron Merlin), Alajos Mészáros (Bilitzky cadet), Kató Berky (Mrs. Szentirmay), Aladár Ihász (hussar captain), Andor Szakács (colonel), József Berky (orderly), Flóra Fáy, Hugó Kozma, Gyula Dezséri, Gyula Nagy, Katinka Pap, Rezső Harsányi