Tales of the Typewriter

Sándor Korda , 1917. A clerk finds happiness in love and in her vocation.

Premiere: 8 January 1917 (Royal-Apolló)
Genre: feature film, comedy, silent film
Director: Sándor Korda

Original length: 1200 m
Lost film.

Honti, director of the Business Bank, needs a secretary. His choice falls on Vilma Lehman, typist in the Correspondence Department. Not only is she pretty but she is proficient and reliable. The regular guest of the director, the illustrious Count Szentgróthy, makes moves towards Vilma and for a moment she is nearly swept off her feet, but at the last minute the smart girl comes to her senses. In the meantime, Honti is also showing increasing interest in his secretary. He is particularly attentive towards her and then he suggests that she should be his girlfriend. However, Vilma explains to him that the route to her heart only leads through the marriage licence. Lovelorn Honti, who is not accustomed to failure, gets even more fired up by the rejection until he finally proposes to Vilma. The girl, who has long been attracted to her boss, is happy to say yes.

What makes it interesting?
Based on the István Szomaházy bestseller, the film was a forerunner of the love and career story genre popular in the interwar period. The clerk played by Lili Berky in successful in her profession and lucky in love. The talented actress outlined the character of a woman building a smart, independent career, which was of increasing importance in society.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Corvin Filmgyár és Filmkereskedelmi Rt.
Writer: István Szomaházy
Screenwriter: Sándor Korda
Cinematographer: Árpád Virágh
Cast: Lili Berky (Vilma Lehmann), György Kürthy (Honti, director of the bank), Jenő Janovics, Ferenc Ujvári, Aranka Laczkó, Vilmos Lengyel, Adorján Nagy, Ilonka Gazda, József Berky, Mihály Bérczi, Rezső Harsányi, László Betegh, Ilona Székely, Margit Erdei, Ilonka Jakabffy, Gyula Szendrő