The Wedding of Toprin

Béla Balogh, 1917. Exciting spy movie and passionate love story.

Premiere: 19 October 1917 (press-view, Mozgókép-Otthon), 7 January 1918 (premiere, Mozgókép-Otthon)
Genre: feature film, drama, silent film
Director: Béla Balogh

Original length: 4 acts, 1492 m
Lost film.

The wealthy lord of Toprin in southern Russia, Count Toprinsky, takes a fancy to Ria, the beautiful daughter of the Polish Baron Sanska, and wants to marry her. The old baron, who is a great Polish patriot, is afraid that Toprinsky will expose him to the governor and persuades his daughter to go ahead with the marriage. Broken-hearted, Ria agrees to the sacrifice for her father and her homeland, and gives her hand to Count Toprinsky, who in gratitude gives one hundred thousand crowns to the baron for Polish national causes. In Stromburg, Galicia, life continues in its joyous way at the household of General Lindenau. Corina, the general’s daughter, is attracted to Lieutenant Mányai from among the officers who come to visit. The lieutenant receives an important mission. He has to make military plans of the area around Toprin, and for this reason he applies to be a gardener on the estate of Count Toprinsky under the assumed name of Jan Spatenko. Ria, the count’s wife, believes him to be a Russian officer on a secret mission and immediately falls in love with him. After a night of love spent in the garden house, she is unable to live further with Count Toprinsky and she starts divorce proceedings. The suspicious count forcibly marries his gardener to Ulka. Mányai returns to Stromburg but he cannot marry Corina because he is already married, added to which he has become entangled in a love affair. The father launches his son’s divorce proceedings with Ulka and sends a letter to Ria asking her to be his son’s wife. The woman, who suspects that all this is a trap by Toprinsky, gives her hand to her new admirer, Lieutenant Essling, thus permitting the marriage between Corina and Mányai.

What makes it interesting?
The Wedding in Toprin is two in one: an exciting spy movie and a passionate love story. Endre Tóth, or as he became famous in Hollywood later, André de Toth, directed the sound film version of the novel written during the First World War in 1939. It stars Klári Tolnay and Pál Jávor.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Astra Filmgyár és Filmkölcsönző Rt.
Writer: Gyula Csermely (novel, 1916)
Screenwriter: Béla Balogh
Cinematographer: Béla Zsitkovszky
Cast: Ilona Mattyasovszky (Juliska), Attila Petheő (Gyuri), Ottó Torday (András), Juci Boyda (Málcsika), Ilona Veszpréminé Ágh (Gyuri's mother), János Komjáthy (Mózsi Buzogány), Gusztáv Vándory (Józsi, Mózsi's son), Margit Papír (child Málcsika)